Wednesday, January 13, 2016

4 Tips to Growth Hack your Mobile App

Mobile App - Gennady Barsky

Growth hacking refers to the methods that mobile app marketers use to grow an app quickly. While it may be hard to create a mobile app, it’s equally as hard, if not harder, to market one. These four tips will help you growth hack your mobile app.

1. Take Advantage of YouTube

There are numerous ways to take advantage of YouTube’s massive audience and you don’t even need to create video content in order to do it. Unless your business already creates videos, don’t bother trying to learn the ropes. Instead, build relationships with YouTube influencers who are already making content and reaching a massive audience. So long as their audience is the same as yours, talk to them about featuring your mobile app.

2. Used LinkedIn to Create a Mailing List

Whether you have a mailing list to add to or you’re building one from scratch, LInkedIn has an easy way to gather contact information for your connections. When you click “Connections” from the menu at the top of LinkedIn, you’ll see an icon of a gear in the top righthand corner. Under “Advanced Settings,” you should see “Export LinkedIn Connections” option. Once downloaded, you’ll have a collection of e-mail addresses from your connections. Make sure that any time you send a newsletter, there’s an opt-out option at bottom.

3. Offer Your Audience a Freebie

If you’ve just launched a new mobile app, giving away a freebie that pertains specifically to your business may not be enough to get a lot of interest in your app. Instead, offer a freebie that appeals to your audience. For example, if your mobile app caters to startups, offer a discount code for a service or product startup companies use, like office space or a productivity tool. In order for people to get the freebie, they’ll need to provide contact information or share a link on social media.

4. List Your App With Directories

It’s important to be listed on the right directories so when people search for the type of app you have, they can actually find you. Yelps and Craigslist are just two of the directories you should start with. Seek out niche directories, too.

Lastly, one of the most important aspects of growth hacking is analytics. You need to know what’s leading to conversions and what methods aren’t working as well as they should be. Only then will you be able to tweak and improve your strategy.

Gennady Barsky is a real estate mogul from NYC.

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