Tuesday, December 8, 2015

3 Things To Gain More Visibility and Press for your APP

 Gennady Barsky - Gain Visibility for Your App
Want to take your app to the next level? Are you tired of not getting any traffic to your app? Getting a ton of downloads is not an overnight process unless you have a plan in action that leads people to your app effectively. Take these three simple ideas to help advertise your app as begs possible.

3 Things To Gain More Visibility and Press for your APP

- Speak To Journalists

You need to get as much press as possible in order for your app to succeed. Getting lots of press is all about knowing who to speak to. Find journalists online through different online publications and get in contact with them. You can also work with a publicist who focuses on digital and traditional media branding for mobile apps. There are several public relations agencies that focus primarily in this industry to help market apps.

- Reach Out To Vloggers And Bloggers

There are many small vloggers and bloggers online who would gladly do a free review or recommendation on their platform to promote your app. Some do expect to receive some kind of fee via their agency or manager, but there are others who would do it for free. Send them an email asking if they would like to endorse your app in exchange for any free gifts. With their thousands of fans, they can get you the buzz you want revolving your app.

- App Review Sites And Award Pages

There are sites to submit your app to that can help you garner amazing press very easily. Websites likes 148Apps, AppStoreApps, and AppAdvice are just three of the many different websites online that can help gmeerate some serious attention to your app of you get your app reviewed. To achieve many awards, there are sites like the Kiip Build Fund that can provide you with prizes and amazing attention to your apps of you win a contest.

Gaining more visibility and attention to your app is not that difficult to do. It takes plenty work in order to succeed in this industry, especially since there are so many wonderful apps already on the market right now. Gaining more press is about being creative, standing out with how you market the app, and thinking outside the box. It's highly recommended that you utilize your social media to help garner more attention since there is power on attaining viral growth online.

Gennady Barsky is a real estate mogul from NYC.

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